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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Gardening For the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Posted onApril 27, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

You’re aware of the obvious benefits of gardening – visions of bountiful fresh vegetables to share and flowers that are the envy of the neighborhood come to mind. But did you realize that gardening can positively impact your health on many levels? Whether you’re an apartment dweller with potted plants, a suburbanite with modest flowerbeds,…Read More

5 Things to Do For Earth Day

Posted onApril 20, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Here at Actifirm, the spirit of Earth Day is near and dear to our hearts – and if you’re a fan of natural skincare and our botanically based products, this celebration of all things green may strike a chord with you, too. First held on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is often credited for popularizing…Read More

Actifirm Z-Peel: Legendary Exfoliation

Posted onApril 13, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Any of us obsessed with skincare knows that exfoliation is a key component of any successful regimen. Not only does exfoliation provide direct skin benefits as a stand-alone treatment, but it also allows others skincare products to work more effectively by removing barriers to penetration. As an enzyme exfoliator, Actifirm Z-Peel may just be what…Read More

World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

Posted onApril 6, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

The World Health Organization has chosen diabetes as the focus for this year’s World Health Day, which is tomorrow, April 7. The disease has reached epidemic proportions as obesity rates skyrocket globally – as of 2008, nearly 350 million worldwide were afflicted, a number than is growing rapidly. A leading cause of blindness, amputation, kidney…Read More

No Fooling: 5 Tricks for Great Skin

Posted onMarch 30, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Watch out! April Fools’ Day is just around the corner. While we hope that you get in your share of pranks on this fun-loving day, here at Actifirm we’ve gathered some of our favorite beauty and skincare tricks – and we promise that these words of advice are no joke. What are you waiting for?…Read More

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