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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Early Detection is Key to Survival

Posted onOctober 5, 2015 byElysiann Bishop

Breast cancer may not be a skincare issue, but here at Actifirm, we’re about total health and wellness. Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer faced by women today (excepting non-melanoma skin cancer), according to the American Cancer Society? In fact, one in eight women will deal with breast cancer in…Read More

Autumn Superfoods: Fall for These 6 Health Boosters

Posted onSeptember 28, 2015 byElysiann Bishop

Fall brings a bounty of delicious foods. Who doesn’t love to cozy up in a sweater with a steaming pumpkin spice latte? While the aforementioned may be considered an indulgence, many of autumn’s most distinctive flavors are not only healthy, but are outright superfoods. Here are just six of fall’s offerings that not only taste…Read More

Autumn Skincare Essentials: 4 Products for Great Fall Skin

Posted onSeptember 21, 2015 byElysiann Bishop

Happy fall, y’all! Autumn is a time of constant fluctuation in temperatures and humidity, which can lead to dull, rough, parched skin. September 23 marks the official start of fall, which means no more procrastinating on dealing with the skin challenges of the season. You may find that your light summer skincare regimen isn’t enough,…Read More

Go For The Glow: Banish Dull Skin with Exfoliation

Posted onSeptember 14, 2015 byElysiann Bishop

When the seasons change, so do our skincare needs. Though fall isn’t officially here yet, the changes in temperature and humidity can have an impact on skin health and appearance – resulting in dull, dry, lackluster skin. Stepping up your moisturizing regimen is important this time of year, but exfoliation may be your secret weapon…Read More

Game Day Buffet Smarts

Posted onSeptember 8, 2015 byElysiann Bishop

Eat This, Not That for Healthier Snacks Football season means three things to most of us – friends, fun, and food. It’s the last of this trifecta, food, which we’ll talk about today. Unfortunately, traditional game time goodies tend to be high in fat and, let’s be honest, completely unhealthy. The good news is that…Read More

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