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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Dear Younger Self: Skincare Advice

Posted onApril 19, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

It’s been said that age is only a state of mind, but all too often our skin shows our true years. Worse, sun damage and other mistakes make us look even older! As signs of aging creep up, many of us wish we’d taken better care of our skin over time. If time travel existed,…Read More

The Egg: Friend or Foe?

Posted onApril 12, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

With Easter just around the corner this Sunday, odds are you’ve picked up an extra carton or two of eggs – after all, the average American consumes two dozen eggs around Easter! Over time, eggs have come in and out of fashion almost as quickly as runway styles – nutrition experts have labeled eggs (and…Read More

Watch Baseball and Get Fit! Here’s How

Posted onApril 5, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Play ball! Baseball season started April 2, and nothing says summer like an afternoon at the diamond with hot dogs, nachos, and cool, frothy libations. More often than not, however, we’ll find ourselves enjoying the game in front of the TV at home – and while it’s a great way to bond with family and…Read More

It’s Good to Laugh

Posted onMarch 29, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

April Fool’s Day may be a time to pull laughable pranks, but it shouldn’t be the only day we place importance on a good chuckle. When it comes to belly laughs, more is better – laughter could offer real health benefits. Research shows that regular laughter may help improve stress, immunity, resilience, depression, pain, blood…Read More

How to Unwind After Work

Posted onMarch 22, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

For too many of us, the workplace offers an undue amount of stress – and then we make matters worse by bringing that burden home with us at night. A few basic steps, however, can assure a much more relaxing end to your workdays. Try our tips for leaving your worries behind at the office:…Read More

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