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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Yoga On The Go

Posted onJune 21, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

If you’re on the move this summer, you might be struggling with working fitness into your days. Vacations are a particularly challenging time to squeeze in exercise. That’s where yoga can be a powerful tool for wellness. Don’t assume that a formal, hour-long yoga class is required for health benefits – even a single pose…Read More

Summer Dates: Top 10

Posted onJune 14, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Summer means a relaxed pace of life, which means more time for the fun stuff. It’s the perfect time to step back from the work and school grind and carve out some quality time with your main squeeze – or family, friends, and kids for that matter. Here, we’ve collected our own bucket list of…Read More

Vacation and Fitness: Mutually Exclusive?

Posted onJune 7, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Last time, we mulled over some novel ideas for summer vacations. We’re excited for road trips, mountain getaways, and beach escapes in the coming months, but are always perplexed by this question: Is it possible to return from vacation without gaining weight and losing fitness ground? Further, can a healthy lifestyle be maintained on the…Read More

Summer Adventure: 5 Inspirations

Posted onMay 31, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

The temperatures are heating up and kids are getting out of school. It’s time for summer vacation! If a getaway is in the cards for you this season, why not plan something that shakes up the status quo? Here, we share 5 ideas that are guaranteed to inspire a summer vacation of epic proportions: Ultimate…Read More

Edible Gardens Made Easy

Posted onMay 24, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

The benefits of gardening go far beyond having healthy produce to eat. Studies have shown that gardening can reduce stress and anxiety, decrease risk of heart disease and diabetes, increase happiness, improve sleep, and may even cut Alzheimer’s risk. You don’t have to have a full-fledged farming operation to reap the health perks. Instead of…Read More

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