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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Winter Skin: 5 Get-Ready Tips

Posted onDecember 7, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

If you haven’t had a taste of winter weather already, you know that cold, dry conditions are just around the corner. Winter means a different strategy for skincare, and the sooner you implement changes, the less your skin will suffer ill effects. To avoid dry, red, flaky, chapped, and irritated winter skin before it starts,…Read More

Celebrate Holiday Cookies: Healthy Baking Tips

Posted onNovember 30, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

As if you needed an excuse to eat cookies this time of year, National Cookie Day is December 4. Cookie-like wafers have been around for thousands of years, due to the fact that they traveled well. However, sweet cookies did not emerge until 700 AD in Persia, when sugar began to be commonly used. The…Read More

Small Business Saturday: 4 Reasons to Love It

Posted onNovember 23, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a true gem of a retail event: Small Business Saturday. Officially adopted by Congress in 2011, the event has gained momentum as shoppers have come to appreciate a local shopping experience. Here’s why we love buying from local small businesses: Boosts the local economy: For every $100…Read More

Making Time For You: 5 Ways

Posted onNovember 16, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Carving out a little “me time” can be a challenge no matter the season, and becomes even more difficult with the holidays upon us. Responsibilities and commitments to friends and family may pull us in all directions, but it is possible to take time for you in the midst of this hustle and bustle. While…Read More

America Recycles Day: November 15

Posted onNovember 9, 2016 byElysiann Bishop

Feeling civic minded? Then America Recycles Day on November 15 may be just the ticket for you. The recycling rate among Americans is currently at around 34%. That’s an all time high – even during World War II, when conservation on the home front was key, recycling rates hovered around 25%. We’ve come a long…Read More

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