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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Yoga for the Common Cold: 3 Poses

Posted onDecember 13, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Coughing, stuffy nose, and scratchy throat – symptoms of the common cold, prolific this time of year, are no picnic. The CDC estimates that 22 million school days are missed each year due to the common cold, while Americans may suffer from more than 1 billion colds collectively each year. Most colds last 7 to…Read More

7 Gifts that Promote Health and Wellness

Posted onDecember 6, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

This time of year, it can be challenging to stay on a path of wellness, so why not give gifts that encourage friends and loved ones to maintain a healthy spirit? We’re not talking about circa-1980 aerobics videos here – health-promoting gifts come in all kinds of appealing shapes and sizes. Options abound, and we’re…Read More

Dreamy Holiday Destinations: US Edition

Posted onNovember 29, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Sure, being home for the holidays can be a treat – but heading out to explore festive destinations during the season has its appeal, too. While locales in the old country, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, often top lists for the most magical celebrations, we decided to look a bit closer to home, focusing…Read More

Meditation for a Blissful Holiday

Posted onNovember 22, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

It’s a time of magic, wonder, and togetherness, but the holidays can also be incredibly stressful. Between entertaining loved ones and constant commitments, you may think your best hope is mere survival until January – but there’s a better way, and it doesn’t involve abandoning your responsibilities to immerse at a spa retreat. Meditation is…Read More

Take a Hike Day: November 17

Posted onNovember 15, 2017 byElysiann Bishop

Fall is possibly the perfect season to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature, so it’s no wonder that this Saturday, November 17, is Take a Hike Day. If you’re ready to take to the trails, but aren’t sure where to start, never fear – below, we’ve collected the nuts and bolts you need…Read More

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