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Elysiann’s Skin Care Posts

Brrr! Workout Motivation Now

Posted onDecember 12, 2018 byElysiann Bishop

We’re in the thick of winter storm season, which can make it all the more challenging to muster up workout motivation. However, in the midst of all that weather lies a season of overindulgence – all the more reason exercise is so important right now. If you’re struggling with staying active, take a look at…Read More

3 Ways to Squeeze in Holiday Exercise

Posted onDecember 5, 2018 byElysiann Bishop

It’s tough enough to hit the gym on an ordinary day – throw in the holidays and making time for fitness can seem impossible. While your athletic club may wonder what’s become of you, there are other ways of keeping a baseline of activity during this busy time of year. Our tip? Get a 2-for-1…Read More

A Peaceful, Productive Holiday Season

Posted onNovember 28, 2018 byElysiann Bishop

It’s crunch time! Whether you’re wrapping up end-of-year business at the office or trying to squeeze in cookie baking between caroling and ice skating, it’s a season where you can truly have too much of a good thing. But with a planned approach, it’s possible to maintain peace and productivity throughout the holidays. Read on…Read More

Thanksgiving: The Overindulgence Fix

Posted onNovember 21, 2018 byElysiann Bishop

While we tend to go into Thanksgiving with the best of intentions, most of us succumb to temptation and overindulge. But once the damage of feasting is done, there’s no need to spiral into an abyss of excess. Take a step back and try some of these tips for feeling better and getting back on…Read More

Welcome Houseguests With Style

Posted onNovember 14, 2018 byElysiann Bishop

The holiday season is upon us, and as Thanksgiving draws nearer many of us look forward to hosting overnight guests. But there’s more to graciously welcoming family and friends than simply providing a bed. With a few simple steps, you can make visitors as comfortable as they’d be in a five-star hotel. Ready to become…Read More

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