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Eating for Clear Skin

Posted on: August 15th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Clear SkinYou’ve heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away and you are what you eat. There’s truth to these adages, as diet plays a strong role in overall health. As the body’s largest organ, skin can reap positive effects from dietary influences – and that rings true when it comes to enjoying a clear complexion. While acne may be thought of as a teenager’s affliction, the hormonal changes associated with aging can also cause breakouts in mature adults. To manage adult acne through diet, try these proven dietary tips to help clear skin:


What to Ask Your Dermatologist

Posted on: August 8th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

dermatologistJust as you should have a general medical checkup every year, experts recommend seeing a dermatologist annually to assess skin health. To make the most of your session, it’s important to have a working knowledge of the ins and outs of your skin as well as any changes it has sustained. In addition, arriving at your appointment with some solid questions for your physician will help assure that your time is productive. Here are some questions you may want to ask at your next dermatologist office visit:

Do any of my moles, growths, or bumps look problematic? Arrive with a mental map of your skin, point out areas of interest, and ask if there are areas that concern the doctor. (more…)

Ouch! 5 Painful Beauty Treatments

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

OuchHere at Actifirm, we love the idea of gentle skincare that really works – hence our line of naturally effective products that cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate without harming the skin or causing discomfort. Not everyone is of the same mind, however, and the marketplace abounds with excruciating or fear-inducing beauty treatments that may improve your appearance, but at a cost. Take a look at these five procedures that are guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, and hopefully enhance your looks in the process. Don’t try any of these at home!


  1. Vampire Facelift. How about a facial that involves your own blood? Around for decades but popularized (more…)

Self-Care: 5 Global Lessons

Posted on: July 25th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Self Care LessonsSelf-care is something we should all make time for, and while it’s a current buzz phrase, the concept is anything but new. People have been practicing self-care for centuries – that is, taking time to maintain and enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing. Cultures around the world have put their own unique stamp on the practice of self-care. Here, we’ve picked five of our favorite practices that can be easily incorporated into your busy life:

Coffee. Not to be confused with a speedy Starbucks takeout, the Swedish tradition of fika is a bit more sacred. Occurring midmorning and/or midafternoon, fika involves leaving your officewith a friend for a brief but focused session of coffee sipping, pastry nibbling, and chat. Research shows that this sort of break actually increases productivity, (more…)

Weekend Getaways: 5 Ideas for Couples

Posted on: July 18th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

couple getawayImagine this: You have a weekend with no agenda, and have been blessed with the gift of childcare from friends or family (alternately, you’re a kid-free duo or empty nesters). What’s a couple to do? The possibilities can overwhelm, so we’ve narrowed them down to some winning options for making the most of your time alone.

Hit the wine (or beer or whiskey) trail. Here’s a choice that would bore little ones to tears but will leave you all smiles. If a trip to Napa Valley isn’t in the cards, look closer to home. Regional wine (and beer and spirits) making has taken off in recent years, and there are great options all over the map – (more…)

Sunscreen Indoors? Here’s Why…

Posted on: July 11th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Sunscreen IndoorsAs if you haven’t heard enough about the importance of protecting yourself from that big orange ball in the sky, here’s more to ponder regarding UV protection for the skin: In addition to slathering on sunscreen at the pool, park, and other outdoor haunts, it’s also important to wear SPF when your plans call for a day indoors. Consider the following:

Indoor lighting can emit UV rays. Think you’re safe from UV damage in a windowless cubicle? Think again. Exposure to fluorescent lights may increase lifetime UV exposure by 3 percent – enough to be a concern when it comes to skin cancer and aging, and to trigger photosensitive skin conditions such as melasma. Halogen bulbs can have a similar detrimental effect. Incandescent bulbs have little or no UV light emissions, but the biggest winners are LEDs – not only to they emit zero UV light, but they’re the lowest energy users as well. (more…)

Are We There Yet? Road Trip Fun

Posted on: July 4th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Road TripTis the season for the great American road trip – complete with epic vistas, amazing experiences…and bored and whining passengers. Whether your problem travelers are kids or just impatient adults, we have an arsenal of ideas to keep them occupied while on the road, plus some fun ways to make the trip more interesting. Without further ado…the keys to your best summer road trip yet:

Be reasonable about drive time. Shoot for a maximum of 8 hours of driving a day. It will allow more time for impromptu plans.

Make unexpected stops. Speaking of changing plans, follow those aging billboards and make pit stops at those classic American roadside attractions. (more…)

Aloe Vera: 6 Surprise Uses

Posted on: June 27th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Aloe veraChances are, you’ve used Aloe vera to help relieve the discomfort of a cut or sunburn – but this desert plant has everyday uses that will surprise you. Long celebrated in the skincare community – you’ll find many Actifirm products incorporate this natural soother – it’s a botanical remedy with amazing versatility:

Aloe vera makes a great shaving cream. Its gel texture makes it a natural for achieving a smooth shave.  

It may help clear up breakouts. Aloe gel contains salicylic acid, which helps dissolve whiteheads and blackheads, exfoliates the skin, (more…)

Summer is for S’mores

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

smoresClassic s’mores are as American as apple pie and just as decadent. The first known printing of a recipe for the campfire mainstay appeared in a 1927 Girl Scout handbook, and called for the very ingredients generations have come to know and love – two graham cracker halves, a toasted marshmallow, and portion of milk chocolate bar. Today, the s’more is still a beloved part of wilderness trips, summer camp, and evenings around the backyard fire pit.                                                          While we can’t deny that the simplicity of a s’more borders on perfection, foodies of late have discovered creative ways to enhance the traditional. If you’re looking for a way to up your s’more game this summer, these ideas will not only add a new twist to your bonfire, but may also add a healthy, nutritional boost: (more…)

For Dad: 8 Steps for a Perfect Shave

Posted on: June 13th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Perfect ShaveShaving is generally a daily must-do for the men in our lives, and yet it’s all to often undertaken in a haphazard manner – resulting in maladies including ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation. In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we’re providing some reading material to help dads (and other VIPs in your life) up their game when it comes to the art of shaving:

Think warm. A barber softens up your beard with hot towels. An easy way to get this effect at home is to take a steamy shower right before shaving.

Wash your face – but don’t use just any soap. Use a gentle facial cleanser like Actifirm Antioxidant Cleanser. A facial cleanser can help soften the protein in hair, while a harsher soap can wash away stubble-softening oils. (more…)