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5 Spa and Wellness Trends for 2018

Posted on: January 10th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

011018b-01In the ever-evolving world of health, beauty, and wellness, it’s hard to keep up with the latest happenings. For 2018, there will be technological and surgical advances for certain – but what has us intrigued is the movement toward natural and holistic measures. Take a look at just 5 ways this trend is taking hold in the spa and wellness realm: 

Natural Products: This trend’s been gaining momentum, and it looks like it’s full steam ahead. Clients are asking more questions about what’s in products and are seeking out natural alternatives to harsh chemicals – and estheticians are presenting viable solutions. Looks like Actifirm was ahead of the curve on this one!

Food for Health: Around 70% of us take at least one prescription medication for health issues, and coincidentally, 70% of premature deaths are due to preventable diseases. Food is a powerful tool in managing wellness, and the idea is catching on. From healthy cooking classes at wellness centers to detoxifying retreats around the world, it’s a trend to embrace.

Spas as Classrooms: This one mirrors the growing travel preference for experiences and learning over hedonistic pampering (not that a little pampering is bad!). From aromatherapy blending courses to learning how to use Himalayan salt for everyday wellness, there’s a class for that.

Spiritual Healers: You don’t have to go to Southeast Asia or Peru to tap into this trend – a growing number of mainstream spas are offering shaman sessions, where practitioners rely on ancient wisdom and natural forces to cleanse and heal the physical and emotional.

Embracing All Ages: There’s a subtle shift happening out there – a realization that beautiful can happen at any age. Instead of women of all ages striving to look 20 for life, the goal is to be at peak happiness, health, and beauty at 40, 50, 60, and beyond. Celebrating the beauty that comes with every season in a woman’s life is a concept we’re behind 100%!

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