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Actifirm Z-Peel: Legendary Exfoliation

Posted on: April 13th, 2016 by Elysiann Bishop

041216-01Any of us obsessed with skincare knows that exfoliation is a key component of any successful regimen. Not only does exfoliation provide direct skin benefits as a stand-alone treatment, but it also allows others skincare products to work more effectively by removing barriers to penetration. As an enzyme exfoliator, Actifirm Z-Peel may just be what you’ve been looking for to take your skincare routine to the next level.

Enzyme exfoliation promises an extremely safe and effective route to thorough refreshing of the skin – it works by detaching only dead skin cells and whisking them away, leaving living skin intact. This fact makes enzyme products a viable alternative for those with skin that can’t tolerate mechanical exfoliation or harsher chemical peels.

While pineapple, papaya, and rice enzymes are often used, Actifirm Z-Peel incorporates Japanese Mucor Miehei Mushroom extract for a proprietary formula like no other. With just a single application, skin is smoother with improved texture, firmness, and elasticity – all in a formula gentle enough for daily use. Check out this infographic for more amazing facts about Actifirm Z-Peel:

Z-Peel Infograph-01


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