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Essential Oils and Your Skin

Posted on: September 20th, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

Essential Oils and Your SkinIf you haven’t discovered the essential oil phenomenon for yourself, you probably know someone who utilizes them for a variety of health and beauty purposes. However, using these extracts is not a new concept. People have revered the properties of botanically derived oils for at least 5,000 years, starting with the ancient Egyptians.
At Actifirm, we believe in the power of natural ingredients for effective skincare. In fact, we use dozens of plant-based extracts and oils across our skincare line! Here, check out just a few of the essential oils we use in our products, along with some of the reported skincare benefits:


Lavender Oil: Promotes the production of antioxidants to protect from damaging free radicals and UV exposure, aids in healing, and helps tightness and itchiness. It also offers relaxing aromatherapy effects. Look for it in many Actifirm products, including Face Firm, Z-Peel, 40 Winks Rest-N-Firm Cream, Actimoist Booster, Renovation Cream, Renovation Serum, and Serenity Cleanser.

Geranium Oil: Lightening effect helps age-related sunspots, improves subcutaneous circulation, promotes skin regeneration and smoothing of wrinkles, with disinfectant and antifungal properties to aid blemishes. You’ll find geranium oil in Actimoist Booster, Renovation Cream, Antioxidant Cleanser, Evening Cleanser, and Morning Cleanser.

Rosemary Oil: Stimulates cell renewal, eliminating complexion-dulling cells to reveal fresh ones underneath. Helps flush out environmental toxins and has antibacterial properties. Rosemary Oil appears in Phyto Relaxin, Antioxidant Cleanser, Evening Cleanser, and Morning Cleanser.

Lemon Oil: Extracted from the peel of lemons, this essential oil is antiseptic and can help lighten dark spots on the skin. It’s found in Actifirm products including Actimoist Booster and Renovation Cream.

Coriander Oil: This seed of the cilantro plant offers significant benefits to the skin. Its full of free radical fighting antioxidants, contains skin-boosting minerals and Vitamin C, and has properties that are antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. It’s also soothing to the skin. Coriander Oil plays a part in Actifirm Actimoist Booster, Z-Peel, Renovation Serum, and Face Firm.

Natural essential oils can be a fascinating, gentle, and effective way to boost your skincare regimen. If you are experimenting with individual oils, be sure to choose reputable brands and do your homework about how they can be safely applied to skin – for example, some may need to be diluted to avoid reactions or irritation. Essential oil enriched products like those from Actifirm are a foolproof and safe way to reap the benefits of natural skincare.

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