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Fall Fitness: 3 Great Reasons Start the Exercise Habit Now

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Elysiann Bishop

Fall FitnessInstead of waiting until the New Year, what if you established some simple fitness habits now that helped you get through the more sedentary winter months and prevent holiday weight gain? A change in seasons is the perfect time to make small changes that will make a big difference in your health. Here are three reasons fall is a great time to take up exercise and fitness. Some may surprise you!

Great Weather

Cooling temperatures, crisp air, and falling leaves – what’s not to love about fall weather? Get out and enjoy it with a walk or run around your neighborhood. Or, find an outdoor fitness group or class in your area – boot camps, stroller strength classes, tai chi, and yoga are all common offerings.

New Fall Television

In the fall we tend to tune in for a new season of our favorite shows, and television may seem like your waistline’s worst enemy. But with the right attitude, watching television can become an opportunity for fitness. Use some small hand weights to tone your arms in front of the tube, or do some push-ups, crunches, or jumping jacks. Instead of heading to the kitchen for a snack during commercials, run up and down the stairs a few times. Or, head to the gym and watch your favorite show on the stair machine.

 A New School Year

This one may not apply to everyone, but for parents of school age kids, fall is a new beginning. If your kids walk to school, strolling with them to and from school each day can add up to a lot of extra steps. If you don’t have kids, enjoy the great weather by walking on some of your errands. Those with kids may also have a bit more free time when the kids are away. Take advantage by starting a new exercise routine.

When exercising outdoors, don’t forget to dress in layers so you’re prepared for fluctuating fall temperatures. Because we receive less and less daylight as fall progresses and daylight savings time ends, practice safety – if you’re out in the dark, wear reflective clothing and consider a flashing light. Make fall a time to focus on health and fitness, and start the New Year in great shape without those extra holiday pounds.

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