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Get Into Fall: 9 Ways

Posted on: November 8th, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

FalltasticWe’re in the thick of fall, and with crisp temperatures, colorful leaves, and a bounty of heart-warming foods in season, it’s no wonder autumn is America’s favorite season. It’s a fleeting time of year that will soon give way to winter, so get out there and enjoy everything this ideal season has to offer. Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Pick apples. If you have an orchard nearby, head out and pick a basket – apples fresh off the tree are indescribably delicious, and you’ll get to enjoy the fall weather in the process. After you’ve picked those beauties…

Bake a pie. Apple, pumpkin, or whatever tickles your fancy – nothing says fall more than a pie like grandma used to make. Ina Garten makes easy work of homemade piecrust with this apple pie recipe.

Enjoy a fire. Build a fire in the fireplace or outdoor fire pit and bask in toasty comfort. If it’s not cold in your neck of the woods yet…

Light candles. Candles mimic some of the ambience of a roaring hearth, without all the heat. Natural candles with spicy and woodsy aromas add to the fall magic.

Cozy up with a book. Put on your favorite oversized sweater, grab a blanket, and curl up on the porch while you read and…

Sip a favorite beverage. Hot cocoa, apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes are fall standbys. But don’t forget about those hearty seasonal brews and perennial favorite Beaujolais Nouveau wine – which happens to have its own annual celebration in France when it is released on the third Thursday of November.

Dust off your boots. Stepping into your favorite cool-season footwear just screams fall. Then, put on your warmest jacket and beanie and…

Catch a local high school football game. Nothing says fall in America like Friday night lights. An outing to a ball game is perfectly nostalgic, and it’s also a great way to mingle with others in your community.

Take a hike. Bonus points if you discover spectacular fall foliage along the way!

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