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How to Unwind After Work

Posted on: March 22nd, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

UnwindFor too many of us, the workplace offers an undue amount of stress – and then we make matters worse by bringing that burden home with us at night. A few basic steps, however, can assure a much more relaxing end to your workdays. Try our tips for leaving your worries behind at the office:

Review work status. Before you leave the office, spend a few minutes reviewing what you’ve accomplished for the day, review your upcoming schedule, and determine any must-dos for the next day. This helps free your mind to relax in the evening hours.

Leave job responsibilities at the office. Believe it or not, the world will go on if you step away from your email for the evening. If possible, consider making home a work-free zone – no email, no phone calls, and no looking at documents and spreadsheets.

Establish a transition ritual. Do you remember how Mr. Rogers used to begin every episode of his show by changing into his comfortable sneakers and cozy cardigan? Having a regular transition ritual can help you flip the switch from work to leisure. You don’t have to change into a sweater and kicks – snuggly pajamas or your favorite yoga pants will do just fine.

Do something good for your body. Drink a big glass of lemon water, do some stretching or yoga, exfoliate the day away with a skin pampering treatment, go for a walk, savor a steaming bowl of healthy vegetable soup, or choose your own way of giving your body the upkeep it deserves.

Do something good for your soul. Have a meaningful conversation (that doesn’t involve work) with a family member or friend, give (and get) a warm hug, write in a journal, or read an inspirational book. Just make sure you do something that puts a smile on your face – and in your heart.

Just remember – your office will be there tomorrow, just as you left it. Taking a little time to recharge your batteries in the evening will help you to better face each day as it comes andlive a healthier, happier life.

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