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Ramping Up for A Wellness Retreat

Posted on: May 23rd, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

052318b-01Why should spring cleaning be limited to your home? A wellness getaway can be the perfect way to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. From fitness, nutrition, or skincare focused facilities to those that can help you give up caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and sugar, there’s a wellness retreat for everyone – tools like Spafinder can help you find the perfect destination for your needs.

While a wellness-focused vacation has undeniable benefits, going into one unprepared can lead to challenges ranging from sugar-withdrawal headaches and exercise exhaustion to anxiety over disconnection from electronics. In the weeks leading up to your vacation, implement these strategies so that you can get the most out of your wellness experience.

Improve Your Diet. Most wellness retreats involve meals high on nutrition, which means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare your GI tract for what’s to come by stepping up your produce intake prior to departure.

Reduce Your Vices. Going cold turkey on anything while on vacation can put a serious damper on your enjoyment. Whether you plan to forego coffee, wine, cigarettes, or sweets, it’s wise to reduce intake before your getaway to avoid discomfort down the road.

Step Away From the Phone. We’re all more addicted to our devices than we think. By reducing usage ahead of your trip, you’ll feel less pull from your iPhone when you should be finding bliss.

Get Your Office in Order. Tie up any loose ends so that you don’t feel stressed or guilty about work while you’re away – after all, it rather defeats the purpose of a wellness getaway.

Tell Friends and Family. This is a rare time to focus on you, so make sure those close to you know not to get in touch unless it’s a true emergency.

Pick Up a Good (Paper) Book. Leave your iPad at home and find a good old-fashioned paperback to get lost in. It’s another way to get back to basics while you’re away.

If an indulgent wellness vacation isn’t in the cards, don’t despair. Consider incorporating these steps prior to your very own weekend retreat at home – take a fragrant bath, go on a long walk, curl up with a good book, eat real food, give yourself a facial treatment, and go to bed early. You’re worth it!

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