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Spring Cleaning Hacks

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

Spring CleanSpring is in the air! Even though the season doesn’t officially start until March 21, rising temperatures may have you in a warm-weather state of mind. This time of year brings to mind that perennial tradition of spring cleaning – when we tackle some of those deep-scouring tasks that aren’t part of our regular routine. Here, we’ve made a list of some common spring-cleaning jobs, along with green tips for making easy work of these chores.

Ceiling Fans: The blades of ceiling fans can become thickly coated with dust over time, and cleaning them can mean a shower of dust all over the room. Our suggestion? Use old pillowcases to clean ceiling fan blades. Simply slide a pillowcase over the blade and let its interior catch all that mess, then launder to use next time.

Clothes Washer: When it comes to musty-smelling washing machines, the struggle is real. Pour a bit of vinegar into the drum, sprinkle with baking soda, and run a soak cycle. This will help deodorize and refresh the interior, and make everything you launder smell fresher as well.

Curtains: Laundering curtains can prematurely wear them, and some may require environmentally questionable dry cleaning. To effectively refresh and “dust” your curtains, place panels in the dryer with no heat along with a damp towel to trap dust. Just a few minutes of tumbling will rid curtains of dander and give them a welcome fluff. Rehang immediately to prevent wrinkling.

Window Screens: Remove screens and use a spray nozzle to hose them down outdoors. Then, use a small square of carpet to give them a good scrubbing – the fibers are perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies while being gentle. Make sure screens are dry before replacing in windows, to prevent mold growth in frames.

Refrigerator: Empty all food out of refrigerator, discarding items that are past their prime. Use a cooler to hold perishable items during cleaning. Pull out drawers and easily removable shelves and soak in warm, soapy water in sink. To clean what remains in the fridge interior, try using a mix of salt and soda water with a cloth to wipe – the bubbling action of the water and the light abrasiveness of the salt combine for pleasing results. Rinse and dry the drawers and removable shelves, and return to the fridge along with food.

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