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The Minimalist Makeup Bag

Posted on: May 17th, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

Makeup BagSome recent beauty trends shy away from dramatic transformations and bold looks in favor of accentuating natural beauty. With summer on the horizon, we say it’s the perfect time to pare down to makeup bag essentials and enjoy a simple beauty routine. Here are our top 6 essentials for your minimalist makeup bag:

Moisturizer: Sure, this might be more skincare than makeup, but a good moisturizer is not only beneficial to your skin, but helps provide a smooth surface for applying other cosmetics. We’re partial to Actimoist Booster, a lightweight moisturizer ideal for daytime that hydrates as needed and provides exfoliation benefits, for radiant skin. 

Sunscreen: Again, while not technically makeup, sunscreen is as essential to your skin health and beauty and is a must-wear every day. Experiment to find a broad-spectrum formula that works for your skin, and use it faithfully.

BB or CC Cream: In lieu of heavy foundation and concealer, opt for a multi-tasking BB or CC cream, which can provide skincare benefits, hide imperfections, and even offer some additional SPF.

Blush or Bronzer: Since you’ll be avoiding the sun’s rays this summer (hint, hint), turn to blush or bronzer in a natural shade to give skin a soft glow.

Mascara: A pop of black mascara is a simple way to frame the eyes – make it waterproof if you’ll be hitting the pool or spending time out in the heat and humidity.

Lip Stain: Give lips a natural tint with a sheer lip stain – many offer staying power that’s ideal for the hottest of days. You’re all set for minimalist beauty through the warm season!

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