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Posted on: May 3rd, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

Smooth Skin

If you love skincare, you’ve likely heard about (or even tried) two of the latest trends in treating unwanted facial hair: dermaplaning and full face threading. These techniques are alternatives to traditional waxing and come with different pros and cons. We decided to gather some basic facts about these three methods so that you can make a decision about which might work best for your skincare needs:

Dermaplaning is not necessarily a new concept, as it’s a more complex take on traditional shaving, but it’s definitely a trending topic on the beauty scene. That’s because dermaplaning is first and foremost a therapeutic skincare treatment, with hair removal as a secondary perk. A razor-sharp scalpel is scraped across the face, manually exfoliating the skin and removing several weeks’ worth of dead skin cells and peach fuzz – reducing the look of fine lines and giving dull, dry, congested skin a lift. Expect to pay $75 to $150 for a professional session, with treatments recommended every three to four weeks for skin benefits, although hair will grow back sooner.

Dermaplaning Pros: There’s no discomfort during treatment, and some even report it as soothing. It’s a nonchemical treatment, making it gentle with no downtime. The exfoliation prepares skin to better accept other treatments. It offers instant gratification, and dual hair removal and skin rejuvenation benefits provide added value.

 Dermaplaning Cons: When it comes to hair removal, regrowth is rapid – comparable to traditional shaving. While some at-home kits are emerging, professional treatment is recommended for safety reasons, and skin may be sun-sensitive following treatment.

Full Face Threading is simply a more comprehensive version of eyebrow threading. A thread is knotted around individual hairs and pulled, giving the esthetician precise control over exactly what is removed. A full face treatment can run from $25 to $45 dollars.

Full Face Threading Pros: Because hair is pulled out at the root, hair may grow back finer over time. It is generally less irritating than waxing and tweezing. Results last longer than dermaplaning, and it costs less as well.

Full Face Threading Cons: It can be painful during hair removal, and is more time consuming than waxing. DIY is tough on this one, so heading to a professional is your best option.

Waxing is an old standby for eliminating unwanted hair on the face and body. It involves applying wax to the skin and then pulling it off, removing hairs at the root in the process. It can be performed professionally or at home, so prices vary widely – you can pick up a DIY kit for under $10, or expect to pay in the $30 to $60 range for full-face professional waxing. Results can last up to six weeks, depending upon how fast your hairs grows.

Waxing Pros: Because hair is pulled out at the root, regrowth comes in feeling soft. Results last longer than hair that is cut off at the skin, as in dermaplaning.

 Waxing Cons: It’s uncomfortable as it’s being done, can irritate the skin, and subsequent ingrown hairs can be painful and unsightly.

There you have it! There are countless methods of hair removal out there. Do your homework, and you’re sure to discover a method that’s just right for your skin, hair, time and budget.

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