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Weekend Getaways: 5 Ideas for Couples

Posted on: July 18th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

couple getawayImagine this: You have a weekend with no agenda, and have been blessed with the gift of childcare from friends or family (alternately, you’re a kid-free duo or empty nesters). What’s a couple to do? The possibilities can overwhelm, so we’ve narrowed them down to some winning options for making the most of your time alone.

Hit the wine (or beer or whiskey) trail. Here’s a choice that would bore little ones to tears but will leave you all smiles. If a trip to Napa Valley isn’t in the cards, look closer to home. Regional wine (and beer and spirits) making has taken off in recent years, and there are great options all over the map – Texas Hill Country, anyone? Disclaimer: Indulge responsibly and grab an Uber or wine country shuttle.

Explore your city. Check into a local hotel or bed and breakfast you’ve always wanted to experience, and be a tourist in your own neck of the woods. Skip the kiddie activities and focus on what you love, whether that’s fine dining, a day at a spa, or art museums.

Go camping. Here’s an option that’s technically family-friendly, but oh-so relaxing without kids. Take a hike, rent a canoe, and stargaze at night. You’ll relish the peace and quiet, not to mention the forced break from technology. Accommodations abound, from rustic forest service cabins to RV rentals to pitching a tent. Stop by a gourmet grocery to pick up easy, pre-assembled meals to heat up over the campfire. Now that’s a vacation!

Casino night. Want a little more glitz in your weekend? Try your luck at a casino, whether it’s Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or something nearby. Even local joints offer all-you-can-eat delicacies like crab legs and prime rib, as well as live entertainment. Many also offer great room packages if you’re looking for an overnight sojourn.

Road trip. This is not Clark Griswold’s carefully planned family odyssey; it’s a grown-up, hit-the-road-and-stop-where-you-like kind of journey. Read every historical marker, browse antique shops, and eat at interesting local diners – this weekend is about the two of you!

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