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Our Founder

Elysiann Bishop, founder and President of Actifirm, believes beauty is not about chronological age. By founding Actifirm, she has proven that advances in modern science, combined with the finest botanical extracts the world has to offer, make it possible to rejuvenate anyone’s skin to look healthy and beautiful. She has combined major clinical research and highly sophisticated manufacturing resources with high-quality active botanicals to produce one of the most technologically advanced lines of skin care products on the market today.

Years in the making

Elysiann inherited a life-long appreciation for the restorative power of nature from her mother’s farm in Canada. “One of my earliest memories was reading the Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening as we planted acres of herbs, vegetables, and flowers each year. It was the most wonderful experience to grow up this close to nature,” she says.

In 1987, Elysiann moved to California and incubated several businesses before deciding to pursue her first love – organic skincare. She eventually met her husband Michael, a chemist and the founder of Active Organics, a company dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly organic products. As the duo built Active Organics into one of the largest global suppliers of cosmetic and cosmeceutical ingredients, Elysiann grew increasingly concerned about the hype and pseudoscience so prevalent in the skin care industry – and she decided to do something about it. The result was Actifirm and the Actifirm product line.

The birth of Actifirm

In 1999, backed by legions of research and development resources, and clinical trials, Elysiann created Actifirm. Her goal was simple: Produce a technologically advanced line of skin care products, based on active natural ingredients, for women of all ages and skin types. “It bothered me to see women paying hard-earned money for things that just didn’t work.”

Today, Actifirm’s products are sold direct to consumers, and the clinical-strength products are used by select medical and licensed aesthetic professionals across the United States and in international markets.

When she’s not working in Actifirm’s lab or raising her four young children, Elysiann travels the world in search of novel ingredients to bring the finest, most effective botanical-based skin care products to market in an ethically sustainable manner.