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Our Innovation

In an industry littered with hype and pseudoscience, Actifirm stands out as a company grounded in solid, methodical research and rigorous quality control procedures, with an emphasis on sustainable trade and development practices.

We work with and employ leading researchers and scientists who strive to improve our current formulations or create new products. Typical product development processes become entangled with big business constraints such as artificial deadlines, specific packaging requirements, or budget restrictions. Because we control all aspects of the process – from sourcing of raw materials all the way through production and packing – we can focus our efforts on groundbreaking product development to bring you truly unique, effective products.

Once we have identified a customer need, or discovered a new plant or material that could contribute to the organic-based efficacy of our products, we work with governments, biodiversity agents, and private entities across the globe to secure the necessary botanicals in ecologically sound and sustainable methods.

Our two state-of-the-art labs handle all botanical extraction, formulation, production, and packaging in-house – ensuring we can offer our consumers the highest-quality products that are responsibly developed and produced. To see more about our process watch our video “Actifirm Around the World”.