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Walter P. Smith PhD

Posted on: September 28th, 2011 by Actifirm

In 1991, he founded Walter Smith Consultants (WSC), to specialize in studying basic and applied aspects of skin biology. With a focus on AHAs, skin sphingolipids and non-invasive technology, WSC has provided a variety of clients with new cosmetic products and technology. Dr. Smith’s current research focuses on the stratum corneum and how exfoliants including AHAs and topical enzymes can influence both epidermal and dermal properties and lead to long term rejuvenation of the skin. Dr. Smith is also founder of Dermac Laboratory Inc., an independent testing laboratory specializing in non-invasive safety and efficacy testing of topical products.

Dr. Smith has been granted 15 patents in the United States and internationally, has served on the editorial board of numerous trade journals, has published over 60 technical papers.