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3 Ways to Squeeze in Holiday Exercise

Posted on: December 5th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

120518 b-01It’s tough enough to hit the gym on an ordinary day – throw in the holidays and making time for fitness can seem impossible. While your athletic club may wonder what’s become of you, there are other ways of keeping a baseline of activity during this busy time of year. Our tip? Get a 2-for-1 punch when you combine exercise with another activity you have (or want) to do anyway. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Spruce Up Your Yard. Company’s coming, and you still haven’t shoveled snow, bagged leaves, orpruned back those sad perennials. Bundle up and get outside to make your home’s façade more presentable –and use new muscles in the process.

Play With the Kids. You really should go work out, but the kids are giving you sad eyes. Blend family time and exercise with activities everyone can get excited about. Throw a football, jump on the trampoline, or even turn on the Xbox and work up a sweat with Kinect Sports or Just Dance. It’s a fun way to counteract those extra holiday cookies.

Power Clean. By that, we mean hustle! Gather your supplies, turn on your favorite playlist, and see how quickly you can whip the house into shape when you put your mind (and body) to it. Not only will you burn off some calories, but you’ll be much more confident when your mother-in-law pays a visit.

Work Out at Home. If you like the idea of a dedicated fitness routine but lack time for the commute to the gym, the Internet abounds with ideas – like this one and this one from You can also dust off that old yoga DVD or exercise video for a blast from the past!

Of course, a dedicated exercise session at the gym, complete with cardio and strength training, is a wonderful thing. But if your seasonal schedule is preventing you from making the trip, take comfort in knowing that you can fit exercise into your busy days while accomplishing everything on your to-do list.

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