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A Beautiful 2019: Top 5 Skincare Resolutions

Posted on: January 2nd, 2019 by Elysiann Bishop

2019Happy New Year! As we look with anticipation to a calendar full of possibilities, the tradition of making resolutions comes naturally. If you haven’t yet come up with the perfect resolutions for 2019, allow us to suggest improving how you care for your body’s largest organ – your skin. The good news is that making a big impact on your skin’s appearance and health doesn’t have to take hours of your day. With a few simple commitments, you can start the year with a fresh skincare regimen that works.

Wear Sunscreen. Every Day. Rain or shine, cold or hot, young or old – sunscreen is for everyone, all the time. If you make just one beauty resolution this year, commit to wearing sun protection 24/7/365. It’s the single most powerful anti-aging product you can apply to your skin, period.

Drink More Water. Staying adequately hydrated is critical to your skin’s health and can also improve its appearance. If you don’t have a refillable water bottle you love, now’s the time to treat yourself – take it everywhere you go, drink up, and refill often.

Remove Makeup Before Bed. At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is launch into a complicated cleansing routine. But leaving makeup on overnight is a terrible thing to do to your skin. Luckily, Actifirm makes a variety of one-step cleansers that remove makeup as they cleanse and nourish the skin. Try Actifirm Evening Cleanser for a formula that’s designed specifically for before-bedtime use.

Add Serum to the Mix. We hope you’re already moisturizing, but did you know that adding a serum to your routine can help your existing products work better while imparting additional benefits? Apply Actifirm Renovation Serum to skin after cleansing but prior to moisturizer. It contains moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid as well as botanical and anti-aging ingredients that deeply penetrate to nourish and hydrate the skin. Try it and you’ll be a convert!

Wash Your Makeup Brushes (Regularly). Dirt, dust, oil, dead skin cells – there’s no limit to the yucky stuff your makeup brushes can harbor. Use your favorite facial cleanser to gently wash bristles on a regular basis to prevent breakouts and even infections.  

A great skincare routine doesn’t have to be time consuming. As Actifirm founder Elysiann Bishop has said, “If you give me 3 minutes a day, I’ll give you a lifetime of beautiful skin.” With a few easy changes, you can make 2019 your skin’s best year yet!

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