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Cultivating Self-Esteem: 5 Ways

Posted on: February 13th, 2019 by Elysiann Bishop

Self EsteemToday more than ever, maintaining high self-esteem is easier said than done – after all, through the distorted lens of social media, the world is packed with gorgeous high-achievers boasting perfect families and jet-setter lifestyles. Jokes aside, most of our fellow humans are perfectly imperfect, and that’s a wonderful, beautiful thing. What’s most important is to embrace and celebrate who we are and to feel good about ourselves.

What is self-esteem, anyway? Merriam Webster defines self-esteem as “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself.” We think that’s a worthy aspiration. Without further ado, here are five ways to cultivate self-esteem.

Stay positive. When you’re feeling down, consider using an affirmation – but use this technique properly. That means carefully crafting an affirmation that’s both realistic for you and lays out goals in an attainable manner. For example, instead of saying “I’m going to win my first marathon,” consider instead “I’m going to train hard, run my best, and celebrate my achievement.”

Know what you stand for, and stick to it. What are your ideals? Whether you live by the Golden Rule, the example of Buddha, or ideals of your own crafting, have a framework for how you want to approach each day. You’ll feel better for it!

Identify and develop your talents. Do what comes naturally to you. Working within your areas of strength not only improves how you see yourself, but also allows you to better serve others – that’s a win-win in boosting self-esteem!

Learn to accept compliments. Most of us are guilty of brushing off compliments, but responding to them with a gracious “thank you” can go a long way in how we feel about ourselves – not to mention how others perceive us.

Turn self-criticism into self-compassion. Just when our self-esteem is lowest is when we tend to be most critical of ourselves, and that’s a counterproductive, downward spiral. Next time you’re faced with a difficult situation, try a positive approach that’s specific to the scenario. For example, if you were passed over for a promotion, focus on what makes you an asset at work – maybe you’re a very hard worker, a team player, or a great brainstorm facilitator. With the right outlook, your self-esteem and future can reach amazing new heights!

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