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Halloween Makeup Tips: 5 Ways to Avoid Scary Skin

Posted on: October 26th, 2015 by Elysiann Bishop

Halloween Makeup TipsHalloween is a time to redefine your persona, if only for a night. With looks from spooky to spectacular, the possibilties are endless when you combine creative costuming with amazing makeup. For those of us concerned with skincare, however, a night of dreamy makeup can turn into a nightmare. Take a look at our skin-friendly Halloween makeup tips and keep your skin looking great long after the thrills and chills are over:

Test Makeup in Advance: That grease paint you plan to use to achieve a ghostly pallor? Test it out on a small patch of skin along the jawline a few days in advance. Should your skin react, you’ll minimize the damage and know in advance to find an alternate product.

Go with Quality: Speaking of costume makeup, avoid the cheap stuff and look for cosmetic grade products – especially if you have sensitive skin. You may pay a little extra, but your skin will thank you.

Use What You Have: The already know that your skin can tolerate the makeup you use regularly. Rather than purchasing fake blood to achieve a vampire look, why not use the crimson lipstick in your makeup bag? You probably have eye shadow, eye pencils, and lip liner in a rainbow of colors – imagine the possibilities.

Come Clean: After a night of Halloween fun, thoroughly cleanse the skin to remove all makeup. Start by gently wiping off heavy or greasy cosmetics with a soft cloth and follow up with cleanser – you may need to repeat until all residue is gone. Actifirm Evening Cleanser is a great way to remove makeup without stripping the skin.

Exfoliate the Night Away: A bit of exfoliation can go a long way in refreshing the skin after the rigors of Halloween makeup. Treating with Actifirm Z-Peel gently removes dead skin cells while soothing stressed skin.

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