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Journal Your Way to Wellness

Posted on: January 30th, 2019 by Elysiann Bishop

journalHave you ever kept a journal? While the practice may bring to mind your teenage years of keeping a drama-filled diary, it turns out that the practice may offer real health and wellness perks. Read on to learn more about how journal writing can benefit you, and how to get started.                                         Journal Writing Benefits                                                       Elevated mental wellbeing: Research from Advances of Psychiatric Treatment indicates that writing about a stressful or emotional event can improve wellbeing. Experts agree that in conjunction with professional help, journaling may help patients to better cope with anxiety and depression.

Improved physical health:  Long-term benefits of journaling may include a stronger immune system, reduced pain, and lower blood pressure.

Better sleep: The National Institutes of Health suggests that getting your worries on paper may help clear your head, allow you to fall asleep faster, and give you a more restful night’s sleep.

How to Get Started with Journaling

There’s no need to get stressed about the technicalities of journal writing, because there’s no one “right” way to do it! Simply dig up a notebook of any kind and a pen or pencil, and you’re ready to get started – no special equipment required.

When it comes to writing style, it’s best to go with what’s comfortable for you. Proper sentences and paragraphs are fine, but so is a more fragmented approach, or even a bullet list. What most experts do agree on is that consistency is key, so try to jot down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Initially, writing your truth may be gut-wrenchingly difficult, but as time passes it should get easier (especially as you feel the benefits of the practice). Try to make journaling a time to relish – curl up in a cozy chair and treat yourself to a warm mug of green tea or a small piece of dark chocolate. Last but not least, remember that journal writing is only part of an overall wellness plan that should include a nutritious diet, exercise, and ample rest.

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