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Ouch! 5 Painful Beauty Treatments

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

OuchHere at Actifirm, we love the idea of gentle skincare that really works – hence our line of naturally effective products that cleanse, hydrate, and exfoliate without harming the skin or causing discomfort. Not everyone is of the same mind, however, and the marketplace abounds with excruciating or fear-inducing beauty treatments that may improve your appearance, but at a cost. Take a look at these five procedures that are guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, and hopefully enhance your looks in the process. Don’t try any of these at home!


  1. Vampire Facelift. How about a facial that involves your own blood? Around for decades but popularized more recently by Kim Kardashian,the procedure entails drawing blood out of your arm with a needle and then injecting it countless times all over your face. The theory is that it boosts collagen production and improves elasticity, but one thing’s for certain: It’s definitely not for the needle adverse!
  2. Fire Facial. Would you set fire to your face if it meant looking younger? In China, where this procedure is all the rage, people are apparently lining up for the opportunity. The procedure involves covering the face with an alcohol-soaked cloth and then setting it on fire. The flames are extinguished when they become too hot or unbearable for the recipient. If you’re looking for an experience that’s both painful and scary, look no further.
  3. Pyromaniacs, take note. In addition to the aforementioned fire facial, Brazilian velaterapia entails going under the flame for the sake of beauty. This procedure is carried out on the hair – sections of hair are tightly twisted and a flame is quickly run along the length to “trim” layers. It’s a purported way to eliminate split ends without sacrificing length. This one isn’t as painful as it is potentially dangerous (although the hair pulling may hurt), and like everything on this list, should be left to the pros.
  4. Thai Slap Massage. Does paying hundreds of dollars to be slapped across the face countless times sound appealing? If so, this is the treatment for you. During a 15-minute treatment, you’ll be smacked continuously for the sake of stimulating circulation, relaxing facial muscles, and reducing signs of wrinkles and aging. We recommend against going DIY on your best friend, unless you’re looking to sever ties.
  5. Cryotherapy. Why bother sweating it out when you can freeze away your saddlebags? This spa procedure is reported to reduce fat cells by exposing them to sub-zero temperatures. If this seems a chilling prospect (pun intended), we recommend a healthy diet and good old-fashioned visits to the gym.

Ready for a more gentle approach to beauty? Check out the exfoliating Actifirm Z-Peel and our entire line of skincare products, and learn more about how naturally derived ingredients can offer impressive anti-aging results with no downtime.

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