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Skin Problem Solvers

Posted on: August 16th, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

Problem SolversEvery season comes with its own set of skincare challenges, and the warm months are no exception. Fortunately, the Actifirm line has you covered, with gentle, natural, and effective skincare solutions that will get you through the calendar year with a healthy glow. Let’s take a look at some common summer skin dilemmas and the Actifirm products that offer a much-needed fix:

Dry Summer Skin: The humidity is up, and yet your skin is dry and lackluster. You need moisture and hydration that’s light yet powerful. For this common skincare challenge, we suggest a one-two punch: Actifirm Renovation Serum, followed by Actifirm Actimoist Booster. Our Renovation Serum delivers naturally derived hyaluronic acid and squalane in a botanically rich, oil-free base to attract and bind moisture to the skin. Next, Actimoist Booster works with your skin’s chemistry to moisturize as needed, while Mucor Miehei Mushroom extract gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells. Actimoist Booster is an ideal formula for day and night use alike.

Sun, Sea, Chlorine, and Wind Parched Skin: These are all elements of problem summer skin, and Actifirm has a multipurpose product to address each of these skincare challenges. Active Skin Soother calms inflamed, tender, dry, and otherwise irritated skin with a botanical formula that diminishes redness and protects from free radical damage. You’ll find Active Skin Soother to be a fabulous all-purpose go-to product in your skincare arsenal! For extra pampering, chill this product before applying to stressed skin.

Dull or Blemished Summer Skin: Struggling with dull skin, increased breakouts, or both this season? Renovation Mushroom Mask to the rescue! This formula combines the power of Bentonite clay with our signature Mucor Miehei Mushroom extract, for a treatment that both removes pore-clogging impurities and whisks away dulling, dead skin in a single step. It also incorporates our proprietary, natural anti-aging complex, for an effective treatment that addresses multiple skin challenges.

By fine-tuning your skincare as the seasons change, you can maintain beautiful skin year round. In addition to Actifirm skincare, remember to slather on a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. With Actifirm on your side, summer is no match for your skin!

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