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Achieving and Maintaining Beautiful Skin While On Vacation

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Elysiann Bishop

No DowntimeVacation Peel | Radiant Skin with No Downtime

With any luck, you have a relaxing getaway planned for the summer – and whether you’re headed to the mountains, the beach, or an exotic city for a change of scenery, you can never take a vacation from beautiful skin and good skincare!

The Actifirm Z-Peel in its 10% and 15% concentrations is beloved not only for its effectiveness, but because it requires no down time. That last fact makes it not only ideal for every day use, but also for vacation — when you’re on the go and likely spending time in the sun and elements (wearing sunscreen, of course!). After all, who wants a blotchy, red, peeling face from skin treatments in their vacation pictures?!

Part of what makes the Z-Peel both gentle and effective is its key ingredient, mucor miehei mushroom extract – which uses natural enzymes to exfoliate only non-living skin cells. The result is exfoliation that gently lifts dead cells — revealing healthy, living cells that are undamaged by physical exfoliation.

Mushroom extract in tandem with other botanicals helps even skin tone and texture, smooth and brighten skin, and increase firmness and elasticity. Skin is left hydrated as this gentle exfoliator helps decrease the appearance of fine lines, while lavender and chamomile extracts help calm and soothe. Devotees and beauty treatment experts love the luminous appearance their skin takes on, and also appreciate the way it perfectly primes skin for flawless makeup application. Best of all, the treatment takes just a few minutes, so you’re ready to explore your destination in no time!

For sensitive skin, try our ultra-gentle Actifirm 10% Z-Peel. Feeling more ambitious? Try the Actifirm 15% Z-Peel. No matter what you choose, you’ll have everything you need for natural, basic skin maintenance as well as an anti wrinkle beauty treatment – with no downtime. So put your best face forward on your summer escape with Actifirm – the perfect travel companion for achieving beautiful skin!

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