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Try Something New: 30-Day Skincare Challenge

Posted on: August 2nd, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

TryActifirmFrom diet and exercise pledges to slashing screen time or minimizing clutter, the 30-day challenge is a popular method for changing behaviors for the better. It’s no wonder: In his popular TED Talk, Matt Cutts discusses the power of these short-term commitments for long-term habit building.

Here at Actifirm, that got us thinking. We know first-hand the benefits of a daily, quality skin care regimen for lifelong skin health and beauty, but we also understand that adding a new habit to one’s schedule is easier said than done. So why not apply the 30-day model to taking care of your skin?

To make it easier, we’re kicking off the Actifim TRY SOMETHING NEW promotion for August: Purchase our Natural Basics Kit – a travel-friendly, 30-day supply of key skincare products – and get 10% off your next purchase. In other words, try some of our best-selling products for a month, create the skincare habit, and then stock up on your favorites at a savings.

The Actifirm Natural Basics Kit contains four highly effective products for a simple yet complete regimen: our Antioxidant Cleanser, proprietary 15% Actifirm Z-Peel for gentle exfoliation, Renovation Serum for nourishing hydration, and Actimoist Booster for “smart” moisturization. It’s everything your skin needs to glow in good health, and we’re challenging you this month to take just a few minutes each day to tend your biggest beauty asset.

In keeping with the spirit of trying new things, we’re also running a contest. Take a photo of yourself doing something new: the possibilities are endless, from sampling a new flavor of ice cream to skydiving! Post it to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram using @Actifirm and #TryActifirm, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of three skin-pampering prizes. Enter as often as once a day during the entire month of August for more chances! (Official Contest Rules):

  • Third Prize: $50 towards an purchase
  • Second Prize: $100 towards an purchase
  • GRAND PRIZE: Natural Basics Kit (valued at $75), PLUS $150 to spend at

As we say at Actifirm, “Just 3 minutes a day for a lifetime of beautiful skin.” Make that daily habit a reality with our 30-day challenge, and reap the health and beauty benefits while enjoying savings in the process!

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