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Welcome Houseguests With Style

Posted on: November 14th, 2018 by Elysiann Bishop

HouseguestThe holiday season is upon us, and as Thanksgiving draws nearer many of us look forward to hosting overnight guests. But there’s more to graciously welcoming family and friends than simply providing a bed. With a few simple steps, you can make visitors as comfortable as they’d be in a five-star hotel. Ready to become the host with the most? Read on and take note:

Assess the guest room. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a cheap mattress for guests, or retiring a worn-out or uncomfortable master bedroom mattress to the guest room. Have you actually slept on your guest mattress, pillows, and linens in recent history? If not, try them out before guests arrive. This step will also give you insight into other amenities your guest space is lacking, such as extra blankets, a place to put a suitcase,clear hanging space in the closet, and a mirror. Also, if the room is cluttered, consider collecting excess in a laundry basket and stowing in the garage – this will create a more spacious feeling and serene space.

Maximize couch surfing comfort. If your guests will be sleeping in an open area, do your best to make them comfortable. This could mean adding a topper to your sofa bed mattress or putting a privacy screen in a room. Air mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable or leaky, so do a test run before subjecting visitors.

Attend to bathroom business. Show guests where their towels are, and make sure there’s a place to hang them. If the bathroom will be shared with others, consider adding hooks to the back of the guest bedroom door for towels. A basket of travel-size toiletries (such as the Natural Basics Kit) and feminine products makes it easy for guests to help themselves if they’ve overlooked packing an essential.

Cover beverages and snacks. Your houseguests may not be comfortable digging through your pantry and fridge when they’re hungry or thirsty – they might even worry they’re consuming something planned for the next meal. To avoid this, keep a basket of snacks on the counter and in the fridge and point out the selection of drinks on hand for the taking. For early birds, have some self-serve breakfast options available, along with an easy-to-use coffee station with instructions.

Provide technology directions. Create a sheet that outlines technology basics – Wi-Fi password, tips for tricky remote controls, house alarm tutorial, etc. Save this document on your computer so that you can use it for future guests.

In a nutshell, put yourself in your guest’s shoes before they arrive to troubleshoot their needs. A few simple measures will make you a memorable host of legendary status for holidays to come!

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