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Yoga On The Go

Posted on: June 21st, 2017 by Elysiann Bishop

Yoga on the goIf you’re on the move this summer, you might be struggling with working fitness into your days. Vacations are a particularly challenging time to squeeze in exercise. That’s where yoga can be a powerful tool for wellness. Don’t assume that a formal, hour-long yoga class is required for health benefits – even a single pose here and there can make a big difference in your physical and mental fitness.                                                                                                       It’s true that some forms of yoga require special equipment, but it’s also a fact that you can practice anytime, anywhere, and with no provisions at all. If you want a bit of instruction from the comfort of your hotel room, try one of the countless great yoga tutorials available on YouTube – a hotel towel, works as a yoga mat in a pinch, and rolled towels can replace some props. Traveling and want to catch a class? A quick Google search can unearth local options galore. Or, you can simply try a few poses on your own, including these standing
poses that are ideal travel constraints, when space is limited and spreading out on the floor may not be possible:

Tree Pose: You can do this one virtually anywhere. Standing on right leg, draw left leg up and place sole of left foot on right inner thigh. Place hands on hips or in prayer position at chest. Repeat on other side.

Extended Triangle Pose: With feet spread wide so that legs form a triangle with the ground, raise arms to each side parallel to the floor. Turn right foot outward and extend torso in a plane, reaching downward with right hand to grab the right ankle while extending left arm toward the ceiling. Repeat on left side.

Eagle Pose: Standing straight, lift right foot and place right thigh over left thigh. Twist right foot around back of left leg to secure pose. Extend arms in front and cross right arm over left. Bend at elbows toward body and twist arms to bring palms together in prayer position. Repeat in reverse.

Whether you squeeze in a 5-minute pose sequence or go all in for an in-person class, yoga is a great way to stay fit, flexible, and fabulous during the summer months or any season.

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