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Welcome to the Actifirm Professionals Area

Welcome to the Actifirm Professionals Area, specifically established to provide you with the most current information on Actifirm products for use within your practice or treatment center.

We are as fussy about the care of clients and patients as you are! This is why we are thrilled to have you as a professional users and recommender of Actifirm products. Via this page, and the information you’ll find here, we will keep you constantly aware of the most efficient and beneficial uses for every Actifirm product.

As part of the Actifirm commitment to to you, your clients/patients, and your practice, we will be posting new information on a regular basis on new Actifirm products and uses on this page. Make it a point to check back regularly, as you’re certain to find new treatment ideas that will be beneficial!

And as always, we want to hear from you! Please share any and all suggestions for product information, treatment education, and any other ways in which we can make Actifirm products a better resource for you to grow your business.

If you are not a professional, locate one in your area.

Product Cards


Actilift Firming Mask » Download PDF
Actimoist Booster » Download PDF
Active Skin Soother » Download PDF
Actizyme Renovation Mushroom Mask » Download PDF
Antioxidant Cleanser » Download PDF
Antioxidant Evening Cleanser » Download PDF
Antioxidant Morning Cleanser » Download PDF


Decollete Firm » Download PDF
Doc Box » Download PDF


Face Firm Pink » Download PDF
Face Firm » Download PDF
Firming Self Tanner » Download PDF
40 Winks » Download PDF


Hot Stop Skin Soother » Download PDF





Neck Firm » Download PDF


Phyto Relaxin » Download PDF


Renovation Cream » Download PDF
Renovation Eye Cream » Download PDF
Renovation Serum » Download PDF


Serenity Cleanser » Download PDF




10 Percent Z Peel » Download PDF
15 Percent Z Peel » Download PDF
30 Percent Z Peel » Download PDF
60 Percent Z Peel » Download PDF

Research & Training

Actifirm® Actimoist® Booster

Actifirm® Décolleté Firm

Actifirm® Face Firm™

Actifirm® Firming Self Tanner™

Actifirm® 40 Winks™ Rest-N-Firm™ Cream

Actifirm® Neck Firm™ Cream

Actifirm® Phyto Relaxin™

Actifirm® Renovation Cream

Actizyme® Renovation Mushroom Mask

Actifirm Zpeel

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