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Antioxidant Cleanser

A cleanser for all skin types

A daily cleanser for all skin types, including oily skin, this pure, foaming gel gently removes surface oils, makeup, and sunscreen without harsh stripping. Pomegranate and grapefruit antioxidants help fight free radical damage, active botanicals hydrate, and Japanese green tea soothes and protects. Aloe vera extract conditions and lends anti-inflammatory properties. Mucor Miehei extract naturally helps promote cell renewal, while cranberry extract smoothes. Lowers and balances pH levels, prepping skin to accept Actifirm Z-Peel or other professional treatments.


  • Gentle, easy-rinse, daily cleanser removes surface oils and cosmetics without drying
  • Antioxidants combat free radicals
  • Mucor Miehei extract aids cell renewal
  • Natural botanicals hydrate and condition

Balances pH levels of skin!

Instructions for use:

  1. Moisten skin with warm water
  2. Dispense a dime sized amount into palm
  3. Apply and massage gently over face with fingertips for one minute
  4. Add water as needed and rinse thoroughly
  5. Antioxidant Cleanser is designed to remove all makeup and debris and prepares face for Z-Peel




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