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Serenity Cleanser

Serenity Cleanser

Hydrate and cleanse

Ideal for normal to dry skin, this nourishing cleanser bathes mature skin in pure moisture, with subtle lavender aromatherapy. Dissolves makeup for a clean feel without harsh stripping agents. A gel base suspends shea butter beads for added moisturization. Mucor Miehei mushroom extract diminishes dullness by aiding natural cell renewal. Antioxidant rich pomegranate, grapefruit, and Japanese green tea extracts help protect from free radicals, while aloe vera, chamomile, and cucumber extracts lend anti-inflammatory benefits. Naturally moisturizes and hydrates, lowering skin’s pH to accept treatment.


  • Natural, moisturizing formula with shea butter beads
  • Mucor Miehei extract for aided cell renewal
  • Antioxidant rich formula helps protect from free radicals
  • Botanical extracts lend anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Lowers skin’s pH level

Instructions for use:

  1. Apply to moist skin
  2. Dispense a dime sized amount of cleanser into palm
  3. Apply and massage gently with fingertips for one minute
  4. Add water as needed and rinse thoroughly
  5. Serenity Cleanser removes all makeup and debris
  6. Extra gentle and perfect for dry skin




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4oz. Bottle
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