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Renovation Serum

Renovation Serum

Let your own natural beauty shine through

This light, clear serum delivers botanical nourishment and hydration to the skin without oil. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid and squalane attract and bind moisture to the skin. Aloe vera moisturizes as it calms and soothes. Antioxidant-rich Japanese green tea extract targets skin-harming free radicals. A proprietary, anti-aging complex of gotu kola, Echinacea, and rosemary leaf extracts has been proven by our scientists to promote collagen synthesis and help increase skin firmness.



  • Nourishes and hydrates without oil
  • Hyaluronic acid and squalane attract and bind moisture
  • Aloe vera moisturizes and calms
  • Antioxidants target free radicals

Protects skin and reduces appearance of fine lines


Instructions for use:

  1. Apply with gentle upward motions
  2. Gently press onto skin for maximum hydration
  3. Don’t rinse off
  4. Follow with regular regimen


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